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I've been going on an animated Batman series binge of late (as well as the teen titans) and I feel that The Batman (2004-2008) was an mixed adaption of Batman in animation form. Yes, it was Japanese inspired and more in tune with the "Jackie Chan Adventures." While I think that was good but I was little thrown off by some of the villain designs (The Joker, Catwoman and The Riddler had odd designs) and the new detective (Detective Yeh). And some of the stories and new villains were bizarre but it was fun. Do you agree??

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- I personally don't care much for cartoons as they are usually unfaithful to the comics.

- However, i liked the show along with Batman TAS before i started reading comics and became aware of the ignorance they feed to children.

- I'd say it's a good show if you don't care about continuity. I just can't deal with the ignorance and the unfaithfulness.

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I remember it.Never was a big fan of it because of the way some characters were portrayed and of the fact that there were big continuity problems.

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I enjoyed The Batman once I stopped hoping for it to be more traditional. Once I stepped out of the mindframe that it should be more like B:TAS I found that I liked the show's different interpretations of major characters. It's not one of my favorite cartoons but I'm glad for having watched it.

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i liked the show, though the rogues were physically better than they should be

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Yeah I do...