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I really enjoy batman by snyder and batman/superman by pak and im just wondering if detective comics has gotten better with the new writer, is it on par with these books?

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It's still not on par with them, but it's a lot better than it was.

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Last issue was surprisingly good but before that it was trash

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I thought the Emperor Penguin arc wasn't too bad but I'd probably still say start with issue #22.

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I liked the Emperor Penguin arc. The newest arc with the new villain Wrath is very excellent so far but still not quite on par with Batman.

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I'm haven't read Batman/Superman but its better than Snyder's Batman IMO.

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The Emperor Penguin arc was really cool and Detective Comics is way better than Snyder's Batman but it ain't on par with Batman/Superman.

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Start with emperor penguin, the only problem was some editorial interference because of Death of the Family and the Requiem issue. Layman is really growing as a Batman writer with each issue and Fabok is a very good artist.

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I agree with @queencorp15: Last issue was good. I'd recommend it.