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was it good? was it bad? what were your 1st impressions? any additional comment?

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as for me:

- hate the cgi

- hate bruce's face

- hate alfred's look

- hate batman's voice

- plot could have been a lot better

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The action was great. There was a little detective work. Alfed has a cockney accent, which is weird, but they are taking Alfred to new places so I can forgive it.

I was impressed, it was better than I expected. 4/5

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Didn't watch. Will just wait for it to die after 1.5 seasons.

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@reignmaker said:

Didn't watch. Will just wait for it to die after 1.5 seasons.

Will enjoy seeing your reaction once it hits its 52nd episode.

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Has a lot of potential. I'm open to Alfred new look and skills because he still cares for and loves bruce, which is the most important part of his character. Also where else are you going to see Alfred attack Bruce with a bat for practice? Anyway the show has potential, the villains were interesting and probably will get better and the action was cool and similar to his comic book abilities. If they have better plots and use some more interesting villains the show can be awesome.

By better plots I mean plot that aren't just action and saving people, but actually have Bruce go through something difficult to test his endurance or mental stability or something

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@jayc1324: agree with everything here...

At first I really didn't like what they did with Alfred, but as the show went on he grew on me because, like you said, they got the important parts right.

I also really like how they came up with an excuse, at the end of the episode, for Alfred not to be involved in too much action, and that he was the connection to Katana.

We haven't seen Katana and Bruces's relationship develop yet, but they kind of set it up... I mean how do you think Bruce is going to react to Katana following him every where as his "body guard"?

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6/10. It wasn't bad. It was mediocre. The plot was pretty flat and lacking in depth. The villains were boring and certainly not used to their full potential. The animation ranged from decent to not-so-decent. And the voice acting (aside for Batman) was generally stale. Also, not a fan of this interpretation of Alfred. I'll continue watching for a bit to see if it impresses me later on. But as of right now, it's not very great. But not horrendously bad.

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Isn't the first episode of a television series always bad, being a pilot and all?
I hope that later on in the series they incorporate Joker and the old villains.
I did hate the animation and Batman's mask doesn't make sense.. Why would you emphasis the nose?

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It has a lot of potential. The story was basic, but it does set up the characters, future storylines, and world pretty well. Writing and dialogue were crisp, voice acting was good, interesting designs, etc.

I'll continue watching a few more eps.

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I did not like it at all. I thought the story was boring and the action was uninspired. I hate the weird new Alfred with his MI6 retconned background. I find it completely incongruous with what we've come to know as the classic Batman universe, but completely in line with weird changes studio execs like to make to shows. Frankly, it's insulting. If a character can't punch, kick, or shoot a gun, then they have no value. It betrays a lack of imagination on the part of the studio. They can't write a good Alfred without giving him a cookie-cutter hollywood action hero background.

While I enjoyed the CGI in Green Lantern, the new Batman looks stupid. Who does his computer-generated makeup? Because they laid on the lipstick way too thick.

Overall, a very poor first showing. I am not optimistic about this incarnation of the Dark Knight.