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Just curious to hear who some of your favorite villains are and why.

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Joker followed by Bane.

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Two-Face, Joker, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Bane.

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1: Joker, 2: Riddler, 3: Scarecrow.

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Killer Croc ftw!!!

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Poison Ivy

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Joker no question. He's Batmans Arch Nemises.

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My is Two face. The dualism in him and the battle between good and evil and Batman's connection to Harvey. Riddler is another favourite of mine because he challenge batman's intelligence. Joker for his sadistic and insane world that challenge Batman's mental health and his own battles.

Joker no question. He's Batmans Arch Nemises.

The question is not who is Batman's arch nemesis but who your favourite villain is.

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mr. freeze

the riddler


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Joker closely followed by Two-Face I like his connection to Bruce.

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@tupiaz: I know and that's why I picked Joker. He seems to of killed the most people and the one to of seem'd to have given Batman so much trouble out of all villains Batmans dealt with. If it wasn't for Joker, i'd go with Bane.

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joker of course followed by ridler bane poison ivy and black mask

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In this order: 1. Riddler, 2. Penguin, 3. Bane, 4. Joker, 5. Two Face (Hard to choose just one)

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I personally like the idea of a Batman that was just different by morality. Watched when I was younger.

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Bane, ra's and joker. But bane is number one. He is extremely smart, a real challenge for batman physically, and dangerous. So dangerous that Bruce told dick and tim not go after him because he feared for their lives. Lets not forget that he also broke bats in half too. Whenever he shows up i know i am going to see an awesome fight between him and bruce, and bruce is always at risk of losing, which isnt true with most of his other villians

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Riddler is probably my favorite. I always have fun watching/reading stories involving him because I try to figure out his riddles alongside Batman. I also always enjoyed Poison Ivy, partially because she's hot but also because her world view is both sympathetic to me (Kind of a hippie) but also completely laughable and comically extreme. Then there's Bane who I respect the most of his villains because of his strength and intelligence. I also really want to like Killer Croc because I enjoy reptile themed villains, but... They don't exactly make it easy to be a Croc fan.

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Ra's al Ghul, Bane, Riddler, Two Face, Hush.

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Joker, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Bane, Hush, Deadshot, Penguin

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Ras, Scarecrow, Bane, Freeze

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Joker, Ras, Bane then Mr Freeze