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I've not read a lot of Batman stuff in recent years, but a few people have scanned copies on CV of an issue where Batman ko'd Darkseid. Just wondering how he did this?! Can someone give me the details on that little story please?

Where was Batman in the superman/Doomsday epic? Sure he would have found a way to stop that monster too!

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He or so I have heard grabbed a gun loaded it and shot him. Of course there are a lot of details such as the bullet he used and all but basically that's what happened.

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Batman has gotten the best of Darkseid on a few occasions. Once in Final Crisis and Once in Batman/Superman during I think the second arc.

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He didn't KO him. In Final Crisis he gave him Radion poisoning and in Batman/Superman he tricked Darkseid allowing him to accomplish his goal of saving Supergirl.