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In His 74 year history which fight/fights has been his greatest?

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Batman Vs Jack the ripper.

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Batman vs superman in TDKR

Batman vs predator

Batman vs bronze tiger

Batman vs KGBeast

Batman vs jean Paul valley in knightfall

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@dagmar_merrill: That was a really good one. Gotham by Gaslight is one of my all-time favorite storylines.

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batman vs jean paul was my fav batman fight scene EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In TDKR against Superman. Quite iconic fight!

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@deathpoolthet1000: It's really tiring to read through every post where you just post 20 pictures for some reason.

How about inserting the pictures in a spoiler block, so people are not subjected to them unless they want to be?

Just an idea/mild request.