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Do you guys like the way Batman's shoulders look in Gates of Gotham and Flashpoint? Obviously, those two instances aren't actually Bruce Wayne, but I want to know! Does anyone like the extra "talon" part which curved up on each of Batman's shoulders?

I like it on Thomas Wayne. It makes him look more like a bat.

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I like my Batman with flat shoulders. Nothing should be poking out or up to give him away in the darkness. Should be a nice even round-ish shape to blend in.

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I like the shoulders pointed, but not too pointed.

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@the_tree said:

I like the shoulders pointed, but not too pointed.


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Flat shoulders ftw.

Talon shoulders are not my type......

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The Talon shoulders just remind me of Spawn.

I always really enjoyed super-long-eared 70s Batman though, and if he had talons to match...


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Depends on the artist...pointy shoulders looks waaaaaaaay cooler with certain artists but on average they look crappy. But I would take my opinion with a grain of salt because I also like my Wolverine in a BROWN SUIT!!!!

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Flat, mon ami.