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If you're like me you're counting the days down before Batman Origins comes out. I'm glad we didn't see a cheap trailer trying to figure out who the hell was in the shadows like we did when Arkham City came out. It seemed like forever before the game was finally released but it's still in my top 3 game ever. I'm a little scared about a few things. If this is an Origins game then will we be able to play as Robin and Nightwing in the Predator maps and fighting maps again? Hmm? My biggest questiong is this tho. Other then Deathstroke who are the assassins? I'm guessing Deadshot might be in the game again, and Lady Shiva this time around also, but other then that who could be in the game because I'm drawing a blank.

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This is a duplicate, there is another thread out there very similar. @k4tzm4n can you close this thread?


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Lock this please.

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