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Hello everyone, I'm not sure if a lot of you have watched batman or not. But I have been trying to find either an episode or movie regarding Batman. This movie or episode (still not sure) is happening in the near distant future where mankind doesn't know who Batman is. The Joker reappears after many years and is wreaking all kinds of havoc. This isn't the movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, this is much further in the future than that. All I remember is what batman had done to terrify the Joker. Some people found the bat-cave and tried to access Batman's computer but it was so old that it was of no use anymore. What Batman had done is write his entire computer console binary code and etched it into the stone of his cave. Please if anyone has seen this can you help me with the name of this episode or movie?

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that sounds vaguely familiar but I can't remember whether that was a book or a show or not

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i believe this was actually a book

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@young_beamer: Yeah same here. My brother told me about it but I swore that I had seen an old episode or movie on a similar plot. I think the cover of the comic was of Joker wearing Batman's cowl. I know this is definitely not the Battle for the Cowl though.

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I think it from Batman Animated Series.

I am not so sure........

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Its not the Joker its Mr freeze. Its my favorite episode of The Batman. Its called "Artifacts". This was the first time I'd ever seen nightwing or oracle...

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This was from The Batman I think.

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yeah they are right it is mr freeze and it was in the batman series episode 7 fourth season. never saw the episode till now.