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@khaled: You insulted someone else. You called someone else an idiot, now I'm telling you don't do it again.

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Great the last comments are a cat fight i will enjoy this if it continues.


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omg anyone who thinks batman could beat superman only thinks that cause they're superman haters,batman always had to cheat in the comics and use kryptinite,if batman was a man and went face to face with superman,batman would be crushed less than 5 seconds,batmans been hit with bullets yet superman has been fast enough to catch bullets and look through them with xray vision.


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Depending on whether the canon has changed or not in this case Wayne Enterprise's technology is in large part developed from the back engineering of Kryptonian Technology that was made available to Thomas Wayne by Jor-El when Jor-El was searching for a suitable planet to send Kal-El in the worst case scenario. This is shown in a Batman/Superman issue.