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Ok I have a disagreement with a number of people on this site who complain that batmans sends his villains to jail instead of killing them or "permanently stopping" them and I want to address it here. So first off I don't get why people pick out batman to have this complaint on. Superman, spiderman, flash and a littanybof other characters do not kill. And even the ones that do kill try every alternative before they decide to end a life. My second complaint is why does btman, who has one of if not THE most popular rogues galleries in all of comics, be forced to kill or get rid of his villains? Villains that are as big a draw to his comics as batman himself is? Joker is the one brought up the most. Why would dc kill of one of the most recognized fictional characters of all time? My third complaint is that it just doesn't make sense for batman to kill. It's in direct conflict with his character. Batman watched his parents bleed to death and is totally messes up because of it. The death he experienced as an 8 yr old boy was enough to last him a lifetime. Now I think it would be an interesting story if batman tried locking them all up in stasis prisons in a secret batcave somewhere only to have some new mysterious villain break them out, but killing? That would be against his moral code and against the law....I'm rambling now but what do you all think?

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The only people who complain about that are the people who don't understand his character. The reason why he gets more hate about it than Superman or Spidey is because people view him as a dark character I guess

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Stasis prison would be cool

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@mkukie68: Wouldn't it? I just came up with it on the fly so yeah.....hire me dc

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@sog7dc: Wait, so are you saying Batman watched his parents bleed out and die? You really should have spoiler blocked that, thanks a lot...

But I kid. No, but seriously, in all seriousness, well said!

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@sog7dc: Well said, the people who bring up this arguments are just haters, the funny thing is these are the people who also like Superman, Spider-Man, Nightwing etc even though these characters follow the same rule.

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You're right. I don't get why people have a problem with Batmans rules.

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Fans may be idiots but I only blame them partially,the real problem is that writers are lazy,unoriginal hacks incapable of creating new villains,always resorting to the Joker and Arkham for their "epics" and we all know that people have to die in spades in epics or they're not epic at all.

I re-read Knightfall a few months back and it amazed me to see the amount of thought that writers put in that particular breakout,now there's a mass breakout every other week.

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@entropy_aegis: I agree and disagree. I agree about the KVM of creativity but disagree about blaming all writers. I mean consider how much it takes to become a comic writer. How much creativity you have to exhibit before theyll even look at your name as an option. I personally think writers have creative ideas all the time but the editors tie their hands and make them do the usual. What do you think?

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Totally right, makes no sense to kill off his great rogues gallery.

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I personally don't really have a problem with Batman sending them to Jail. The reason I thinks some people do is because at some point it becomes insanity. I mean how many times have Gordon told batman that no matter how many time they lock the Joker up he just breaks out. Just to kill what another 20 people destroy another dozen . Then get locked up and repeat.

But if Batman did kill we would not have this amazing rogues gallery!!!!

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@sog7dc: Superman has the Phantom Zone much more effective than Arkham

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@kgb725 said:

@sog7dc: Superman has the Phantom Zone much more effective than Arkham

the phantom zone is usually the last resort though.

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@kgb725 said:

@sog7dc: Superman has the Phantom Zone much more effective than Arkham

and don't certain people still escape the phantom zone? havn't Zod and doomsday both escaped

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Great points, I agree with everything you said. Batman is supposed to be an inspiration and a symbol, and a symbol that kills people isn't a very good symbol.

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killing is bad

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You're right. I don't get why people have a problem with Batmans rules.

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The real question is how has no police officer (Even when he's taken into custody) not just pulled out his gun and shot Joker/Penguin/Riddler/Scarecrow/Freeze, etc. in the face?