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Here at Batman News, I take pride in only reporting news and rumors from reputable sources. I don’t want to mislead anyone, or see fans get excited over something that will never turn out to be true. It’s rare that I post my own rumors, but something showed up in my inbox today that I just couldn’t ignore.

According to my source, Ben Affleck has sustained a leg injury, and as a resultBatman vs. Superman production has been pushed back six weeks. The crew was informed of that decision earlier this week, and told they’ll be on hiatus for about a month.

It’s unclear exactly how serious this injury is. Just a few days ago Affleck was photographed walking around Los Angeles with his family, but apparently it’s big enough to keep him from working for a few weeks. Batman vs. Superman was scheduled to begin shooting next month, but if this turns out to be true, a March start date is much more likely.

Based on who I was emailing this afternoon, and the things he’s showed and told me, I felt like this was worth mentioning just in case it turns out to be true. I’d appreciate it if my fellow media members could help me look into this story. I’ll update this post if I hear anything about this rumor being confirmed or denied.

Source: batman-news.com

Opinion:Well.....aint that convinient?!....

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Well that stinks....

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Then why was he walking around at the Golden Globes then?? And besides WB hasn't confirmed anything since Gal Gadot became Wonder Woman.

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Just a rumor right now so hopeful its just some simple injury that some members on the crew heard form third person and blew out of proportion

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in case it turns out to be true

I feel like that's the thing people will tend to overlook and just immediately take this as fact.

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He should use a leg brace.

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Well the news was first reported in a superherohype forums. And Ben Affleck's contract probably wouldn't have allowed him to ski in the first place.

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At least he didn't break his back.

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@toplel said:

The release date has been pushed back to May 2016 as well. More time to fix things. Or screw it up more.

That's the spirit!

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Come on play through the pain Ben. Batman wouldn't give up.

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Ah, I was wondering what would break first...

His acting.

Or his body.

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If this is true it is STUPID, RDJ hurt him self and that did nothing to iron man 3, they just found a way to finish the other 70% of the movie.

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@2cool4fun: They should use a CGI Affleck. Muahaha.

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@dr_harlequin: Or put his face on someone else's body ( like they did in the first Cap America movie & the 3rd Iron Man movie )

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Great, Superman's sequel gets pushed back because Batman is too old to be doing stunts.

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They are also reports that he hurt his ribs skiing

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If it's a Batman scene, then someone else like a double could just wear the cowl.

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I bet he Bat-Kicked Supes :P

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He is still filming Gone Girl IIRC wonder what this means for that movie as well.

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Well now its pushed back to 2016


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Well I've heard it wasn't Ben for whom the release date has been pushed back... anyways WB and co. should take their time, we're talking about two of the biggest fictional Icons of America, they should handle it with care :)