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Who do you think would win in a cage match? AC Bane vs AC Killer Croc?

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Gotta go with Croc, since AA's bane went with the Batman and Robin gimmic of him being a scrawny loser without the juice. Bane's venom tubes were way to easy to break, plus Batman wasn't even willing to risk a fight with Croc, he had to trap him.

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Croc, batman was able to fight and beat bane, but was smart enough to know that he doesn't sand a chance against croc. Croc is stronger and more durable too. And bane has a very easily accessed weakness with his venom tubes.

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Croc takes this. As DH69 said, Rocksteady went with the puny guy who needs the venom to be a hardcore fighter and big muscled guy. Fingers crossed though, it looks like WB Montreal has done Bane true to character in Arkham Origins; over 6 foot, tanked with muscle, and a brawler without the Venom.

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Killer Croc seemed pretty unstoppable to me considering you could only avoid him in both games.

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In the game, seems that Croc is more powerful than Bane, so...I would say Croc.

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Croc without a doubt. He was the most imposing, menacing character in either of the games.

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Guys, c'mon, let's go by feats here. What exactly has Croc done between both games that was physically impressive? Nothing that I can think of. Now Bane on the other hand tanked getting blind sided by the Batmobile. Also, going by their in game profiles, Bane is pretty much the criminal genius/mastermind that he is in the comics.

I give this battle to Bane 10/10 on land and to Croc 10/10 in the water.

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I don't think you guys understand that Bane isn't just a random puny guy he was only like that because they drained the venom out of him and left him hanging for who knows how long. Just look at him in the Arkham Origins demo that's Arkhamverse's pre-venom Bane.

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hard to say, killer croc was pushed to an extremely awesome character in the arkham-verse. in any other media bane would win and its still pretty close bane is excellent in hand to hand and he is a mastermind. i'd go with bane. the fight would be like this:

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or even this

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Despite banes strength croc has claws and sharp teeth and is 10 times more durable.

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@chrisj_1: Even if you drained the venom out of comics Bane, he would still be over six foot tall and have a ton of muscle. Bane doesn't need venom to still be a formidable opponent. The venom just makes him bigger and stronger than he already is.

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@neale7: Yeah you guy's still aren't getting what I'm saying. You ever donate blood before? Start feeling hella weak after? Imagine someone taking all of it repeatedly over a long period of time then combine that with starving for several weeks I'm guessing and you're not gonna be looking your best dude. You guys are suggesting he needs the venom in this universe, what I'm saying is that he doesn't (just look at pre-Arkham Bane in Arkham Origins) the guy had just been drained of everything he's got at that point and was deteriorating.

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@chrisj_1: Na i get what your saying, but he does need venom in the arkham universe to be the big guy. If you go into his character bio in arkham asylum, it states that he's like 5'4-5'6 without venom, and somthing like 6'8-7'1 with venom. It does seem like Arkham Origins may have gone back to his roots though.

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@neale7: Aw I see. Never took a long look at the bios really, based my assumption on dialogue and the Origins demo. Alright guess I'm wrong then, no hard feelings I hope.

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In the Arkhamverse Croc is 11ft and 580 pounds and unstoppable, the best you can hope for is to escape.

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Pffft, Croc would win the easily. Helps that Bane has visible and easy to hit weak points (venom tubes).

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Croc feast on Bane's bones. I know I say this alot but Comic Croc should be Arkham Croc.