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So, I was browsing the web and stumbled upon this article written on flickeringmyth.com, where the author manages to get the past scripts written by David S. Goyer, Chris Brancato, and Greg Berlanti/Michael Green/Marc Guggenheim. There are three scripts, as we only see the first intro page of each script, but the author of the written article summarizes all the scripts of what happens through-out the written storyline.The last one seems to be linked to the Green Lantern movie, where they were news or rumor, I'm not sure, that they'll be the Flash and Green Lantern universe combination.

Here is the link to the article: http://www.flickeringmyth.com/2014/01/born-to-run-bringing-flash-to-screen.html

P.S. I didn't know if someone else stumbled upon the scripts or the article before, I did manage to first search the forum but didn't catch anything, so i apologize if someone has already started a topic about these scripts before.

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I can see why they didn't make one eventually. WB clearly want the right director with the right vision when it comes to these characters like Nolan with Batman and Donner with Superman. Downside for fans but hopefully with this trinity movie, whose knows we might get something. Fingers crossed.

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I'm sorry but this tv series is gonna fail. The Flash isn't just a character that can be made for TV shows, he's a movie character. Those special effects wont be cheap and theres no way they can keep up.