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Barry is my favorite Flash, and I think that he is the fastest one in my opinion, but what do you guys think?

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Wally's story is a lot more interesting to me, the burden to carrying a great man's torso is superior than the burden of being a superhero to me.

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Barry is way better by me. The first one weared a bucket on his head, the last one is a junior sidekick and Wally, is just the same as The Flash but, just, Wally, not Barry...

+ Allen is definetly not slower than the other 'flashes'. Not sure that he's faster than Wally though.

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Wally is faster and is much more interesting as a character.

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I like Wally more and he's definitely the faster.

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Barry > all flashes

cuz, he generates the speed force...soo....bam..

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I'm a Wally/Kyle guy!

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@rustyroy said:

I like Wally more and he's definitely the faster.