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Poll: IF, IF Barbara quits Batgirl, who should pick up the mantle? (30 votes)

Stephanie Brown (Not yet appeared in New 52) 33%
Cassandra Cain (Not yet appeared in New 52) 50%
Harper Row 3%
Carrie Kelley 3%
Other (Specify) 10%

I tried to come up with other names, these were the only ones that came to mind in relation to the bat family.

Regarding Cassandra, according to Grant Morrison, he said that she will be appearing in the "New 52" somewhere.

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I should also add, beyond what Morrison said, there is no more information on when she might appear or even if it's still in the cards. But at least he hasn't said anything different regarding it.

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@animehunter: Stephanie Brown! I like Babs better as a character but I like Stephanie better as Batgirl. Barbara has outgrown the Batgirl mantle and has made her unique mark as Oracle. Reverting her back to Batgirl doesn't feel right, even though I love the Batgirl series. Very disappointing that Steph and Cass haven't showed up in the New 52 yet but I hope they both do soon. I do prefer Steph over Cass as Batgirl. Cass can be Black Bat. I'll like to see a Stephanie Brown series working together with Oracle (like Batgirl Volume 3 from 2009). Then again, it's too sudden for Barbara to stop being Batgirl and totally drop the current series with a Stephanie one.

I think a better idea would be to bring Stephanie back as Spoiler and leave her at that. After awhile, Babs can become Oracle and Stephanie can assume the role of Batgirl.

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This is tough. I love Babs, but I dropped Batgirl. She's just not good for a solo. I want Steph back, but I think a Cassandra Cain solo would be a lot better. Problem with Babs and Steph is they're just not the best the fighters. They're good, but not nearly as good as Cassandra. Their secret identities are also a bit bland for a solo.

My vote goes to Cass. If she got a solo, I would definitely pick it up.

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Honestly, i would much rather have Harper be batgirl than robin.

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@awesam: WHAT. Barbara as Batgirl is awesome! What's bland about the Commissioner's daughter?? She has proven to be a good fighter when going up against people who are much stronger than her. In example; The Mirror and Grotesque. I personally think Batgirl is an awesome series, and Babs is an awesome character. c:

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I'd rather have Barbara on the mantle than anyone else but if I had to choose from the above then its Kelly followed by Cain then Row.