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If you read Batman and Robin #21 - The Bargain, you would have found out the following


Which brings up the question, is Barbara Gordon going to be the next Robin. Currently, we know that she is having doubts about continuing to carry the mantle of Batgirl, which resulted from her "killing" her brother (who we know is alive from reading Suicide Squad) in order to save her mother.

If she does decide to give up being Batgirl permanently, do you think her becoming Robin would be a good move and would Batman accept her becoming the new Robin.

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This is getting ridiculous. I thought "Batgirl" was character regression but Robin? She was Oracle then they downgraded her to Batgirl but Robin?! No. Just No. Hell, where my "no cat" meme at?

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I doubt it. I would like to see a new Robin who's black (not named Black Robin) or female, or both.

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UGHHHHHH. That would be so dumb.

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No, obviously.

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I think it was just her trying to offer to do something to try and help the situation. A plot device, nothing more.

If it actually happened I'd be amazed.

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No, never. And I don't understand why people keep saying being Batgirl is a degradation.

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I think she'd be perfect. She is the worst Batgirl. Robin is where she truly belongs.

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Maybe in an AU story but not the main earth.