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I thought that I would check out how this BLOG  thing works and get a little more work on the site.
This drawing was done a very long time ago for a chance to be published in the Digital Webbing Presents anthology series from I had worked this one over in color (color done in Photoshop) but unfortunately, the drawing wasn't chosen and I didn't draw anything for a while after that. The pencils were darkened in Photoshop for contrast.

This one cost me about 18 hours of time, including the color, over the course of about 3 days. 
When I look at this  one I think that I should get into more color work but I have to say that just getting to the drawing table is like pulling teeth. Top that off with "this one was a lot of hard work" and you have a recipe for never drawing again! :D

I do remember that there was  a little debate about my color choice for the brains. Weather they're yellow or grey doesn't really bother me so much as the fact that I didn't cover them in blood and red tissue, certainly that would have lead to greater authenticity of scene, but se la vi.
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love it

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Thanks :)

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Brutal but badass.

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Thanks guys :)

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nice and a bummer about it not getting picked up at the same time!

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@nszerdy: Shit happens and there are always artists that are better than you out there :) That's why you have to work hard. Thanks for the comment.

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@Press Oblivion: I hear ya! Sometimes it is a guy with more talent--but sometimes someone just gets lucky with a better idea or layout--or in some cases it's a friend of the guy doing the comic--or his son--That's usually something you can't compete with--you've obviously got the talent--- I agree just "work hard" and hope for the best!

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Horribly well done ;)

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@Omega Ray Jay: It's OK :D Thanks for the comment.