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So, I have made the decision to take up a concept challenge in a local art forum I belong to.  The subject is Inner Animals at Battle.  Basically, you go by the Chinese Zodiacs.  Every person should have 2 inner animals which battle for dominance of your personality.  One is the symbol of your year of birth, the other of the month. 
Mine are:

Year of Birth
The Earth Snake
Earth Symbolizes:
-Change of Seasons
-Powerful, Patient, Militaristic, Prideful, Prudent, Stable, Realistic, Hard Working, Ambitious, Stubborn and Energetic.

The Snake Symbolizes:
-Deep Thinker, Wise, Mystic, Graceful, Soft-spoken, Sensual, Creative, Shrewd, Ambitious, Elegant, Cautious, Responsible, Calm, Strong, Constant but can also be a Loner, Bad Communicator, Possessive, Self-doubting, and Mendacious.

Month of Birth
The Metal Dog
Metal Symbolizes
-The West
-Determined, Self-reliant, Unyielding, Strong, Tenacious, Forceful, Reserved, Needs Personal Space, Sophisticated, Seeks Pleasure, Caring and Respectful.

The Dog Symbolizes:
-Honest, Intelligent, Straight-forward, Loyal, Sense of Justice, Attractive, Amiable, Unpretentious, Sociable, Open-minded, Idealistic, Practical, Affectionate but can also be Cynical, Lazy, Cold, Judgmental, Pessimistic, Worrier and Stubborn.

I think this challenge will be a considerable amount of fun to play with.  Once I have my concepts drawn out, I will be posting them here.  For now I just wanted to get this thread started while I had a little spare time.

So thus far, what are your thoughts?
I should have a first step (penciled and scanned) up within the next day or so.  If all goes as planned, it will be coloured and finished in photoshop.  Worst case scenario and I run out of time, it will be coloured with tonal markers.

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Okay, so here is the first sketch.  I drew it in the different colours to help separate the different elements, so they are better distinguished and easier to pick apart for when I get to the tracing/clean-up step.  I drew out something like 5 versions before this one, and this is the only view I really liked of the battle. 

I'm hoping to change the style of the dog a little more to make him look bigger and more aggressive, because right not the snake looks like it has the advantage and I would like for them to appear to be more equal.


Comments and critique, please and thank you.
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Cool.  Nice job, Orchid.

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Thanks dude, here's an update:

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Nice picture.

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Colour blocked.

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OOohhhh coolio :D

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Feral Nova said:
"OOohhhh coolio :D"
lol, thanks
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lol, thanks dude.