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I am an aspiring comic writer with an idea but I need an artist. I would prefer colour but I wouldn't rule out black and white. I couldn't offer direct payment on a page/ issue basis but I would split any profit we made 60(to the artist)/40 (to me) as I do believe the artists job to be the toughest. It will be an online comic and the plan is to make the first 2 issues free to try and drum up interest in the series and then charge for the rest. It wouldn't be much money as this project is mainly for fun and experience. Still the comics would be published on Indyplanet.com as digital comics and possibly in the future physical versions available. I will personally be willing to promote the hell out of the comic to get as much business as possible. It would be published once a month and most likely be called 'The Hellman' though that is just a working title.

Okay so now we've got that bit out of the way, I'll give you an idea of the story. Obviously if you contact me then I'll give you more detailed information.

"In a little city named 'Iron Valley' lived a young, ordinary man. He worked in a dead end job in a bank, with minimum wage. He was sad, tired, miserable and sick of life. There was only one thing that kept him going, kept him living and breathing, eating and drinking. That was his guitar. He'd play it all night long in the hope of becoming famous, a star. That's what he dreamed about and wished for.

Though the phrase 'Be careful what you wish for' comes to mind when you look at his twisted tale. A tale of loss and tragedy, drugs and booze. Though this isn't a traditional tale a man living the high life and falling from grace, as a worse fate then any ever known descends upon him. He dies! Only to find himself trapped in hell with no way out, no way home. Demons breathing down his neck and the crack of a whip going down his spine. He will ascend again but at what cost.

This is the story of a man named Jay 'Hellman' Jenkins. If only he'd seen the irony when he picked that as his stage name and had noticed the darkness creeping upon him. He never imagined that he'd die so soon, so young or imagined that he would become THE HELLMAN..."

If interested please email me at:- Cult4@live.co.uk or post below :)

Thank You very much for reading,