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Hello I colored this work

Pencils by Marcio Abreu

Inks by Tom Schloendorn

I also Did a speed paint in case you want to see how I color just watch that video up there

See I post on deviant art and well I don't get any really criticism as of late and I would like to have some. I am a budding Colorist and I would love some help thank you for helping me.

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amazing man...what did you use to color it?

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Wow that is actually really good. The only real problems, is that the shading needs to be a bit more dynamic, and you need to add the legs curved behind her because it kind of looks like she is a double leg amputee.

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That is very have blended effectively well where the shading would be on the lines and this shows great competency with regard to depth. It definitely would seem like a wonderful variant cover to me if it were to be part of an ongoing in my opinion.

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: I would be willing to agree on what you said about the legs except I think you have to remember that she didn't actually pencil this herself, she just provided the colors since this is a line art.

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I like most of it except the shading on the dress. It looks too much like you just airbrushed along all the lines. The whole thing ends up looking too flat, unrealistic, and kind of "glowy"... if you know what I mean, and also there's no shading in parts where there should be. There are fold lines with dark airbrushing on both sides, whereas there should only be on one side of the fold line. Also, there's no shadowing under her arms, where they are lying on top of the dress, or any other part really... like for example the parts of the skirt behind here.

I'd suggest redoing all the shading on the dress and I bet you can get much better results.