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This is for all the Viners that have been disrespected by this MORONIC individual. Just a warmup sketch for today. Hope you enjoy...

CHEERS TROLL!! I Raise my CLAW to YA!...

Wolvie said that not me...;P

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Art protest!!!!

One can't beat that!


Oh...something about warts... lasers can take them away ;-P maybe you should draw Dazzler or Photon he he he

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Very nice job <3

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Humor is the only way to deal with this dork!

I failed to mention that he is a Mutant Wart that regenerates and that is the reason he never goes away!

This is on the premise of all the profile accounts he opens, gets banned and comes back again.

My personal view on this matter is, why be where I am not wanted? I guess that question has never popped into his empty grey matter...

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Thanks Boo, glad you liked!

Not trying to fan his hatred, that happened years ago. Just sending him a tongue in cheek message in behalf of all the Comic Vine members he has disrespected with his insults.


As long as he gets the meaning and the butt of the humor is all that matters to me, he will lurk and see this! :D

My bad, troll has seen this post. Mission accomplished! Warm message from him telling me how much he loves the pic. ;P

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Hahaha. Nice!

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Nice. Mutant wart, even better.

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Hahaha so funny and yet so perfect NICE WORK!

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Nice work!

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