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Hi, my name is Juan Pablo Osorio, I'm new to the forums, and I'm looking for artists interested in working on a fancomic project I'm writing; this is totally fanbased and not a paid project by the way, but may interest some of you guys:

Whatever Happened to New Earth? will be set during the final days of the pre-reboot DC universe, and feature several characters from the old continuity, including lost fan favorites like Wally West and Donna Troy. My goal is to give a proper ending to the old DCU, and maybe something more; I'm looking for pencillers, inkers and colorists that would like to collab on it. If you are interested, or want more details about this, just send me a PM with a link to samples of your art.

In the meantime check out the first two pieces developed for the project, the redesigns for Donna Troy by Mic Magtanong ( http://micquestion.deviantart.com/ ) and the mysterious Starman by Alvaro Murga ( http://ziggyman.deviantart.com/ )

Note: if this isn't the right forum to post this, please let me know.