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Hi guys,

So some of you know me through the vine and most of you don't. But I've been around here and there for a while now.

The reason I'm posting this thread is to do a little shameless promoting. I dropped @shatterstar a message some time back asking him if it was ok, and he gave me the go ahead. So here goes.

So at the starting of the year my friend and I finished up a short 8 page comic script. He also got together with a bunch of other artists and we put together a small anthology of sorts called "Ground Zero" which is a self published creator owned comic series that we plan to keep running. We've managed to get some really talented artists and the next volume we'll have some new writers and better work.

So we launched Volume 1 at Comic Con India's third incarnation in Feb 2013. Sold about 80 odd copies. Then about another 80 or so at the Bangalore mini-con in April. (yes we function out of New Delhi, India) And we finally got it available as an ebook on Amazon too.

Now we have volume two ready for printing and we also have the issue up online on amazon (i'll provide a link below) Volume 2 is slated for release at the Mumbai Film and Comic convention in December.

So I hope you guys wouldn't mind sparing a few seconds to look this stuff over and hopefully if you like it you will support us by buying it. :D! Cheers and thanks for your time!!

Here goes!!

Our Cover

So here is a link to facebook:

Meta desi comics on FB

Here is a link to the website under construction:

Meta-Desi Comics

and here is a link to Amazon for the ebook

Amazon link

And the Indian online store where you can buy it if you're in India Indian online store

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Also the colorist for some stories in this issue is our very own @domdom and I have drawn the story with the two guys jumping in the night sky. Its about 2 Indian super soldiers!!

Here are some images from volume two

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@deadpool1109: That's great! Wishing all of you success with your endeavors.

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Fantastic, man!

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Awesome, congrats, best of luck!

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Thanks guys! Glad you like it. Apologies for the late reply. My day job is a killer!

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@deadpool1109: Looks interesting. Next time, don't use Papyrus for the title.

Best of luck.

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It's like we were psychic because we've not used it ANYWHERE in the second volume at all! :)