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so this is MY first attempt at art with water colors. I have found some amazing things online and i got inspired! you should post some of YOUR water color art here, that would be awesome! tips and pointers would be very appreciated!

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Good work!

Just be mindful with the paper that you use so as to prevent warping especially if you are doing a wet on wet techinque. It is best you use a thicker paper or with cotton infused with them.

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@IcePrince_X: oh okay! thanks, the paper did get really wavy. whats a wet on wet technique?

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@jack_before_joker: It's when you apply another layer of paint onto a still wet layer instead of waiting for it to dry first.

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@jack_before_joker: Awesome, it's great that you are trying watercolour, I use it a lot myself, its great fun and can produce some nice stuff :-) I'm still learning myself. I also noticed that the paper is possibly too thin, perhaps try some watercolour or cartridge paper. Hope to see more!

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@Selinaky: thanks man, i posted some more but they still get all warped and wavy! i experimented with cartridge paper and card stock, but they both did not help, do you think im adding too much water when i paint or something?