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Hey Guys! I have NO idea where this thread might go so I just posted it here, I've been a screenwriter for a small production company for a couple of years now, recently we got a movie deal and after weeks of non-stop work I wrote (with my boss) a complete 102 minute first draft for our FIRST project.

That's just for context, shortly after I started my OWN production company (TRES) and we've been doing some stuff, a week ago I got together two of my friends and shot a couple of pictures for an experiment. This experiment is VANDAL #1.

Since I can't draw AT ALL and artists working for free (even if its 6 pages) is plain ridiculous, I just made my comic using the photographs i took and crafted a little 6 page story about this kid that joins a violent gang of criminals.

I'd love it if you can take a look and critique it, I know the art BLOWS but I did my best to tell a cool story using photos. I'll be making 4 more of these.

http://issuu.com/mulholandpress/docs/vandal1 READ, CRITIQUE AND DOWNLOAD =)

Thanks for reading and please, if you are an artist or writer with something on your mind, looking for a letterer and a space for your work CONTACT ME!