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this piece is a pencil piece, it was very light so I played around with the settings a bit to make it darker, it's for a client, in exchange for a new desk for my art office! :D

next is a fun sketch I am calling, "All Hail CAESER" a Planet Of The Apes sketch done with pigments,Sharpies and Prismas.

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Wow! thats amazing! Especially the first! The detail is great as is the shading =)

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Love them. Different styles - both fantastic!!

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Thanks Everyone, glad to see you like the two new pieces a lot, here is a new sketch that I did this this morning, Creature From The Black Lagoon, I always have a blast drawing this guy.

Pigments,Prismas and sharpies were used in the making of this drawing.

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Looks incredible.

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@TypH: You have a great style, nice work! I love how you use the pens.

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The first one is full of detail and a bit confusing, well made but I think the right touch of color will place everything in the right visual balance.

Your Ape and Creature are great, love the freestyle feeling and styling. Good going Bud your skills keep moving along!

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@RamsIllustrations: yeah I know what you mean with the Mario piece, with that many characters in a small space it's hard to tell everyone apart, it would get colored but the customer only wants it in pencil, so I guess that's how it will stay, it's his call, glad to see you liked the other two loose sketch pieces!

@Selinaky: @TDK_1997: |thank you both very much glad to see you both are liking the new pieces a lot, many more coming soon!

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I hate you ( gets jealous ,pulls out tablet) but seriously you're Awesome! The line work on The Creature is amazing.

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VEry Nice,man!

i like it the first so much!

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@WaveMotionCannon: haha now noe no need for hating :P, thanks man, glad you think so, glad your liking my line work a lot, I spend a good amount of time trying to improve it :)

Zombified piece for a client, this is from the halloween special I am holding all month long!

Here is a shot of the finished pencils and some shots of the finished inks for my Killer Klowns From Outer Space print I am working on.

It Came From The Black Lagoon, caricature style piece, I did this one up for a client, getting ready to ship it out this week.