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Lady Bloodshot starring in System Failure

the Inspiration for this trippy piece of fan art came from me reading Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham`s Work on Batman Inc and J.H. Williams work on Batwoman and my Love for Op Art . I was reading a lot of Stuff last weekend and it got me really fired up to do An Homage to my Favorite Artist [ Namely Chris Burnham because his work is so Bad-Ass to me words cannot describe it . ] anyways if you first came across this on the Valiant Fan Art Tumblr then Consider this Post to be a Encore/Director`s Commentary ^_^ .

but Yeah this one is for you Chris Burnham

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@j1ml33: Man, this is wild stuff and I really like it. Your style continues to leap forward. Great job.

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This piece is brilliant, so surreal and colourful ;D

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