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Here, Above you will see a sample of some pencils I did for a large TMNT piece. I created this piece for my Animation protfolio. Hopefully they will like it and accept me.
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righteous dude

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@RedK: Thanks man, glad you like it!

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Wow that's so classic TNMT. It looks just so perfect for that era...like a page from a coloring book.

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That is really excellent work, nice one! :D

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Quite the contrast from your Galactus, nice composition! Coming along nicely with your work, really polishing it up on different levels!

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Love it!! I grew up on THESE turtles! Took me back to Elementary. lol

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@Crash_Recovery: Thanks for the kind words Crash, I loved all the TMNT stuff I had when I was growing up, so I wanted to create something along the same lines as something I would have seen as a kid.

@BumpyBoo: thanks Boo, glad to see you enjoy this piece a lot :)

@RamsIllustrations: thanks for the kind words Rams, I have a love for both the cartoony style such as this piece. The kind of stuff I grew up with as a kid. I also have a love for the more detailed stuff. The kind of artwork I got more into in my later years after seeing McFarlanes artwork.

@Guardiandevil83: Glad to see another fellow fan who grew up with these same turtles!

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I read the Archie Turtles comics growing up. I remember having the Mondo Gekko origin issue. Really great art!

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Bebop color sketch.
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Nice! Very vibrant!