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hi all.... Been working on these Pencil art works for quite some time now... The first one "Soul", took me a fair while, especially, i've been working with trying to create a much more detailed art, and trying to improve on the shadows a fair bit in it...

This Next one, is another pic, of my character the RatMan...

As always, i really do love good Critique and some Feedback :D

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Your first one is beautiful. So detailed. Will you ink it? You've done really well on the forshortening on the ratman piece as well. Great job!

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No suggestions with the art. I really like your style of wings. I don't know that I have ever seen that exact representation of wings, very unique.

I like the idea of rat man and he is drawn very well. My only question (without knowing anything about the character) would be why a rat themed character would be so close shaven? I am not even so regular with the razor!

Not that it makes it bad, just curious.

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Ratman is part of a larger group of super hero character's, i've based on animals...

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@koza101: I would like to see the rest of them. I like your style.

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Awesome work, especially the first one.