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I have ComicVine to thank for getting back into comics, and Artist Showdown to thank for getting back in to character drawings. I've been working on a Western-themed graphic novel with a buddy, and am really enjoying art in general, but finding the Artist Showdown forum and entering contests has truly taken my art to a different level (for me, at least-so many artists in the forums absolutely blow me away). What I love is that artists of all calibers and levels show up and unabashedly put their art out there for others to see. Art was a huge part of my youth but I kept it to myself. Finding a place where I'm free to put my art out and find it accepted for what it is and not looked at as rubbish is so freeing and comforting. I'm a tennis player as well and I know that until you get away from the backboard or the idea of "just hitting around" and go out and play competitively, you don't really get better. I'm learning that art is the same way. Thanks to ComicVine for providing a place for ALL artists to flourish.

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This place truly is a great hub for artists of all kinds. Truly awesome indeed.