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Ok, So I been an X-Men fan my whole life. I want to get some ink done to show my love for them.

I know there are some incredible talent so I am hoping for some inspiration here.

Anyone willing to make a couple sketches?

I love something like this, but I want a roster to be Cyclops, Magneto, Emma, Magik, Namor and Colossus to reflect my loyalty to Cyclops' team. I know Namor and Colossus current are AWOL, but they were bad ass members of the X-tinction team, a solid run from Gillen's short stay on Uncanny X-Men.

I would appreciate anyone's help!!

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@quatro_briefs: The best thing you should do is go down to your local tattoo shops, and and talk to some of the artists there. Most tattoo artist don't mind drawing up original art, most prefer to do the sketches themselves, because they know what can, and can't work as a tattoo. Makes sure you bring lots of references of what you want. Just go out there, and talk too different tattoo artist in till you find one you like, and don't forget to tip your tattoo artist.