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I've started a sketchbook project for my Art 101 class. My theme is based on superheros, of course; iconic covers to be exact. (I'm stylizing and retooling them btw). I'm working in partial sketches and partial inks because A) leaving parts purposefully ambiguous is fun to imagine and B) I draw hands and lower bodies like Liefeld's failed apprentice. I need 28 more covers by the way, please reccommend some.

First is this Superman piece, homaging Action Comics 1 with proportion lines left on the lower part and careful smears for the background

Retooled Action Comics #1; rather than smashing a car maybe he's lifting it to help a crash victim?

Batman homaging Detective Comics #27

Retooled Detective Comis #27; still leaping down in epic Batfear

28 pictures and four weeks to go!

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Oh wow, awesome idea and I like the art! Especially the partial nature of it, cheers! What about the cover with Superman holding Supergirl? Oh and the Wolverine in sewers one?

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How about Superman ice-skating and he's holding Wonder Woman over his head? :)

Great job by the way -- maybe you can work your way down DC's list and have each character in a pose reflecting some scene in the first story arc of the new52? If not that, then maybe the most recognizable characters from both large publishing houses in similar stances, to keep a theme going outside of just superheros.

(hey, you can have Superman hauling a moon to someplace or other?!)

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@lykopis: Thanks! ^-^ Amazing Fantasy 15 and Fantastic Four 1 are next after COIE 7

@SC: Detective Comics 27 will be done later tonight. COIE 7 is a good one. I thought about it, too .

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Action Comics #1

Detective Comics #27

Crisis on Infinite Earths part 7

Amazing Fantasy #15

Fantastic Four #1

Incredible Hulk #1

X-men #141

Batman #1

The Dark Knight Returns #1

A Death in the Family

<a Watchman tribute>

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*notes vague "a Wathman tribute"*

*strokes beard with curiosity*

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@akbogert: lol I really want to do a Comedian piece, probably one of the Before Watchmen: the Comedian #1 covers. Buuuut as I'm becoming more comfortable with ink (I never do ink. I'm more of an airbrusher/sketcher), I also want to do a complex original piece with all six Watchmen.

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@KnightRise: Ambitious. Very nice.

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Inking is a lot harder than people think. One of the best things you can do as a pen and ink artist is study high contrast black and white photography, and learn how to work with positive and negative space........

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@judasnixon: Thanks for the advice. If you could see the Superman one in person I tried to play around with negative space in the background a bit

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Hope you'll post the rest, the Supes and Bats ones are great.