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After the off my mind about super prisons i was wondering what the ultimate super prison would be like. So i challenge you guys to try and make the best prison you can. You could draw it write about it, i don't mind.


1. No super advanced technology.

2. Nothing inhumane.

3. Can't be to expensive. So you can't have solid adamantium walls.

Thanks. Happy designing.

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My super prison is a gun. you got super powers your evil and i shoot you (with the permission of the U.S government of course.......or not which ever comes first) Lets see you escape a casket.......oh wait this is comics

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1. No super advanced technology.

2. Nothing inhumane.

3. Can't be to expensive. So you can't have solid adamantium walls.

Cool challenge

A magical solution could be possible, sending prisoners to the land of the dead through many of the portals that currently exist around the world

Limbo, hell, heaven, But there would be only one possible area where the living super villains could go where they would not be treated inhumanely

Something like The heaven of hero's created by Captain Marvel in the Universe X afterlife,


1(Magical prison because to many super villains have specialties in technology)

2(the prison being centered in the after life to prevent people getting there to create break outs,)

3( the super villains would still be alive & very vulnerable there)

4(It would give the dead super heroes something to do in-between quaffing)

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No super advanced technology? Well then my prison to keep super-powered people in check is made of tissue paper & bamboo with a skeleton staff of cardboard cut outs. Each 'cell' is a fluffy pillow and the pricing for the whole complex is about $500 in materials, $1000 in labour costs and $1000 yearly upkeep

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Clone a bunch of Black Mercies and attach them to all the villains.

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remove their brains from their heads & super powers then stick them in the matrix

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antarctica nature would ensure they don't run away, and even decide who live and dies there two birds with one stone!

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I would make a prison that projected an alternate reality in the mind of the prisoner. It would look pretty much exactly like a normal prison would look because everything the prisoners do is really in their head. I'm assuming that all of the people in this prison would be super-villains so the projected reality would have to be something that a super-villain would absolutely hate. In that case it would be a constant projection of the villain coming within inches of accomplishing their goal and then having it taken away by the hero of that universe. For example if Magneto was in my prison, he would always get extremely close to making the entire world mutants like him. Then as soon as it's all about to go as planned, the X-Men show up and immediately fix everything. Then the prisoners mind is erased of all memory of it happening and the projection is restarted on an endless cycle. That way they would always be occupied with their goal while never really achieving it and at the same time being completely detained and unable to harm anyone in the real world.

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throw them in the phantom zone, that seems to work

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@bnew369: That is brilliant! But doesn't that sort of break rule 2?

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Would it be too expensive to keep them in a satelite orbiting the earth that was only visited once ayear to restock with food and criminals, in the mean time keep them in a prison like black gate.

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Is magic/psychic ok. taboo spells for the first defense. Have pokemon for the second defense since they can fortify for peanuts. Some preferable pokemon would be spinarakariados, parasect, misdreavus, politoed. Third third defense ghost, wizards and witches any spell caster.

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The prison system the way we currently know it or think of it clearly does not work and needs to go.

An island nature sanctuary where violent offenders are castrated(stopped function of the testicles to stop the production of testosterone and prevent reproduction), and non-violent offenders are just a vasectomy(they get to keep their balls). They are provided with vaporizer units for cannabis use and are given therapeutic doses of psilocybin mushrooms while undergoing psychological rehabilitation.