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You are quite talented. I look forward to seeing where this goes. The first one looks like the new Drax.

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Ok someone asked me what steps i take to do a peace. Right now I'm working on a peace for the LAFD. A new shirt dez'. Right now i have just the hero shot of the fireman that will go on the shirt. I'm sorry that it is not in color. I will do the color for it tomorrow. But as for right now i have the shape pencils. then the quick pencils. (normally it would be clean pencils but I'm doing the inks so to save time i just went over rough) And finally the inks. Always keeping in mind of line weight. Also to show mass and movement. Its not the best. but it is what i can do in a short time.

Reference material provided by the firer department.

Quick pencils

Clean pencils (well maybe not so clean)

And finaly the Inks

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What is it that you do to ink?

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Dang yo, thats sick! I wanted to become an artist, but couldn't draw an eyeball properly, thats why I write.


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Isn't the series called Dyno Force?

But a quill is what they use? I never would have guessed.

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I dont have my quill pen and brushes here at work. So i use Staedtler and Micron pens to do my inkig. I like the way thay flow. But To do Pro' comic work i use the Quil and brush. When Dino FOrce 1 comes out i can post some of the pages. It will better show what i mean.

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My son ate that post up. He's thought about being an artist when he "grows up." Keep it coming!

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Very Very nice work man

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wow. Now if i can only have my boy do the same lol

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That's pretty awesome!

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Yah its called Dino Force.

Yah you might think its out dated but you cant beet it. I only use a quill for the char' and a brush for the big lines or hair. the back grounds i use tech-pens. But if i get it in me to use tech-pens on the bool i do. At times its faster to use the a quill. but i try not to use the tech pen so much.

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Your work is very good. I like it.

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I always get stuck at that part where you just do a draft for the body shapes and such. Artists always tell me to draw sausages as each body part but it goes absolutely haywire. Good guide regardless.

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OMG you are good dude,,,,, start sending in your stuff!!!

have you made a story board yet????

at the next comic show, give what you got and show them this is why your hot!!!! lol

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For real? What city are you from?

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The first step looks like Steel. Nice work by the way.

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What is is that you do to make it so clean? It goes from eraser marks and messy smeared lead, to nothing but ink.

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you errased the pencil. also when it get scaned you use the contrast to bring out the black.

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Oh, that's cool. You're really good. You could be one of Marvel's "Young Guns".

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yah that would be cool. As soon as i finesh Dino Force I'll send them my pencils and inks see what thay say. I'll be at Comic Con SD. More then likly with Zenescope Doing promos for Dino Force. If you guys show up tot he con stop by and say hi.