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Just a quick Spider-Man Quick sketch that I did up last night, done with some sharpies and a white out pen. Hope you folks enjoy it! not the best quality image seeing it's taken from the cell phone but oh well you guys get the idea.

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@maxicere: thank you very much man,glad to see you like it, sorry again for the bad picture quality.

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I like the black and white. Good picture.

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Well.. bad picture, good artwork.

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Holy crap. This is awesome.

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@TypH: That's some sweet sh!t!!!

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Amazing work on the shadowing.

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thanks everyone glad to see you like this one so much, i'll try updating this one with a better quality image soon! thanks again folks!

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Well done!

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@TypH: Oh man I love this!!! So did you use the white out pen for the webs? I was wondering about a good way to draw white on black.

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Great use of shadow and light. A very nice piece of work. I do wish you could get us a better version to look at, but it's easy to see it's an impressive drawing nonetheless. :)

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@The_Madness:thanks man glad to see you love it!, yeah i just free handed the webs in with the white out pen there was no structure lines at all, just kept adding till i was happy with it.

@ZZoMBiE13: thank you very much man, glad to see you like my use of shadow and light,my scanners been acting up lately so i'm hoping to get a camera and a new scanner soon or find one cheap till I can get a brand new one.