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these are some of my recent drawings. Hope you like them :)

My JLA (Superman, Nightwing, Green lantern-Kyle Rayner, Flash-Wally West)
My War-Machine sketch (don't mind my bad spelling)
Hal VS Guy Jordan VS Gardner Rock Paper Scissors
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They look mostly fine, but Flash looks like he's walking.

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These are pretty neat. Nightwing and Hal have the best proportions, though it seems you really prefer a slim build.

A little tip from what I saw with your Wally, the leg that goes forward should be opposite from the arm that swings forward or vice versa when someone is walking/running.

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@gunmetalgrey: Thanks for the tip.

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@Rockfall: You have a great imagination, and I love the solid colouring.

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The coloring is amazing. It looks like you did it on a computer!