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Hi guys, I've slowly got back into drawing but I've never been that great. What I'm really looking for is some tips to improve my drawings, and how to break away from using existing art as a reference. Also any coloring tips would be cool, I've never colored my drawings before but I've began to experiment with markers lately. Anyways lemme know what you think.

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I only have one tip and it's the same one I give everyone. If you wanna get better, practice. Practice. Then when you're done, practice some more. Talent, which you have, is only a stepping stone to becoming a skilled artist. You need the talent to get you interested, but ultimately art, at least this type of illustration art, is about 5% talent and 95% learned skills (technique).

Looking at other people's art is a fun exercise, but to get away from that you just need to start practicing making your own poses. Focus on anatomy though. Not characters or costuming yet. Once you get anatomy down, then you can start doing the fun stuff. Basics are the core of everything so don't skimp on learning the basic practices of illustration. If you can't (or don't want to) go to art school, there are tons of books you can read that teach basic comic design and art at any Barnes % Noble (or some local shop that isn't a national chain if you're lucky). Go check some out at the library if you don't have the spare coin to lay down right now.

Learn, practice, don't skimp on the basics. Those are my tips. But it's up to you to fulfill your potential. Good luck!

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Love Deadpool and Scarlet Spider!!!

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@ZZoMBiE13: Thanks for the tips, I guess I will go back and see what I can do, because I really wanna get away from looking at other art.

@blur1528: Thanks! I almost feel my Deadpool looked better before I colored it.

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I love those drawings! Especially Scarlet Spider! do you just colour them using normal pens? because I never know what to colour my pictures with.

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@htb106: Thank you very much! Basically they all started with a blue ballpoint pen(the Venom/Spidey one never got past this stage), then all the black was done with a fine tip black marker I found lying around and the rest is just dollar store markers.

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@htb106: If you can afford the investment, Prismacolor markers have no equal. They ain't cheap though.

@The_Madness: Get yourself a basic college level anatomy book. Any one will do. Try to capture the musculature of a few real looking people (in other words, people who don't have muscles rippling from every square centimeter of their physique). Learn what "gesture drawing" is and do some of that. Practice using stick figure drawings to get basic action poses down and always remember the mantra; Practice Practice Practice. You'll be great, or at least as great as you want to make yourself. ;)

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@ZZoMBiE13: Thanks for the advice, I'm gonna practice some more and then come back with some new drawings and see what you guys think.

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@The_Madness: I wish you luck friend. If you need anything else, I'll always do my best to offer tips to anyone who wants them. :)