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Now, if you don't like slash, don't watch it. But really, it's the funniest thing I've ever did.  Obviously, first one isn't slash.


Gotta love the couple    LOL

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The drawing on the left is great. 

The others are mediocre.
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I know, they're only for fun lol

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i like them especially the first one

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Nice. I agree, the Joker one is crazy good

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Yeah, they're all pretty good. The first is the best (Brian Bolland style, nice.) but the others have a certain kind of flare to them too. Nice work.

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The 1st one is good and the 3rd is funny ^^ the others aren't bad either, but a bit less significant.

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Thank you ^^ !!!

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LMAO not a fan of the Joker one but thats cause im a nut and the Joker has to be spot on for me but its a toally awesome effort, But the riddler and Two Face pics are okay but the concept is freaking funny as hell.

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Riddler and Two-face a couple....lmao.. I knew Two-Face swung both ways......