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So, now that I vowed to draw at least two hours a day, and have no personal life whatsoever, I really get lots of stuff done. Here is some of it.

I like the B&W version better, actually. Here it is.

Also, some people thought that the "dreaded emptiness" postcard was funny, so I did two more. Nobody asked me for it, I just did.

Also, this is a shameless tribute to my favourite writer, William S. Burroughs:

(it is quite large, you may wanna click it) I was really inspired by this movie. Also, I tried to change the way I pencil things here, and it proved to be heartbreakingly difficult. But I believe that trying new techniques is very good for your creativity. I highly recommend it.

And, finally, here's a "Pocahontas Noire" sketch. I dont know whether I should just color it, or paint it without the lineart, cause I haven't done that for a while. But either way, that word balloon goes away.

Well, that's all for now, hope I didn't bore you too much. Thanks for your attention. Critique is very welcome and quite crucial for me! :3

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@gorilla_girl said:

Very good drawings. I loved this particular piece. It looks like a comic book cover :)

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awesome stuff

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I freaking love looking at your stuff.

I do think this one is my favorite.

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@gorilla_girl: Nice colors, beautiful artwork!

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I am very much hypnotized by your style. You use a lot of red and blue/green tones that makes all of your drawings simply pop out! Do you use a digital medium to do all of this?

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Wow awesome work, How long does it take per piece?

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@crestfallen: Thank you! I initially left that upper-right corner for some silly title, but then I thought it'd be better off without it. I like to pretend that my work actually gets published :3

@Billy Batson: @maxicere: Thanks mates!

@ARMIV2: Thank you, I'm soo glad to hear that! That one is my favourite, too, although weirdly it's the most flawed one.

@sora_thekey: Aw, shucks! I don't plan out all the colours before I draw, cause if something turns out not the way I wanted, photoshop has million ways for me to change it :) so yeah, I draw digitally.

@Hulk_SuperStomp: Thanks :3 I am very slow. And I get distracted a lot. But let's see - the deer one took about 5 hours (3 hours drawing, 2 hours staring at deer photos), the postcards took about 1,5 hours each, and that car one - I dunno, 8 hours? I re-rendered it a lot. A LOT. And Pocahontas took about 1,5 hours, and God knows how much more time it will consume.

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@gorilla_girl: it's never a bore going through your gems :)

That Burrough's tribute piece came out really good, I like this penciling technique a lot and great job incorporating the backlight mood that you did. It enhances the depth of the picture quite well.

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@tonis: Yay! Thank you, I shall use that technique more often then :3

Yeah, I remembered that it's always better to have foreground, middle-ground and background instead of just two of them, so I put the trees and the light there.

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Wonderful work. I really like the nihilist eye of the world.

The dark humor is great, death is part of life the joke is when it happens and how.

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Your colouring is amazing.

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Great stuff. Keep it up.