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Today I has inspiration and I did 2 drawing (maybe, I will create one more). I liked for this drawing a vintage, retro look BUT on the road I went to something more modern, but not sure if it's modern o vintage. You choose. Hope you like.

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Gorgeous as usual man.

I could see this easily being the cover to a comic.

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Nice work.

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wow great

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Ha. I love Solomon Grundy. And I also love this pic. Great job.

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@maxicere: Solomon Grundy approves. Awesome awesome I love this one quite a bit!

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Excellent! Congrats!

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I'd call it a modern classic :)

nice work

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@Decept-O: @DavidR: @tonis: Thanks!

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Excellent art!

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WOw that is incredible!!! That might be my favorite of your work yet!!! Great job!!!

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Very cool...I'd love to see your take on any of my TOACM characters...beautiful work!

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That deserves to be printed on something really nice and/or hanging up somewhere.

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@thecheckeredman: I will work on this, will be an honor make an interpretation of one of your characters. I really admire your work, the balance of the black and white are amazing

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thats really freaking nice looking!