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Hey guys I'm starting this thread to get some positive/negative feedback from anyone. Im going to be posting things I draw, its not really superhero or too comic related but let me know what you guys think. Also I dont know if you make some of the images bigger, but you can check them out on my page to in images.

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I dig it. Especially the Goya-esque top row

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Great stuff, love the styling. Welcome aboard!

Sadly I can only enlarge the first. remember this is a Superhero forum primarily and you may not get as many comments. Very talented and creative! :D

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Amazing sense of style in these. I love the look of every single one. They're really special. Thanks for sharing these with us, they're really great.

Can I ask what medium these are done in?

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Awesome! Im glad you like what youre seeing from my work. The medium I used Pen (cheap .99 Bic), Whiteout, and where theres blood its a lil bit of red marker nothing fancy. You can see in some of those pics that I changed my mind on what I was doing, but theres still the outline there I couldnt erase cuz of the pen.

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Very nice bro! Dig the 3rd pic!

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I really like it! Like them all but the last 4 pictures are freaking awesome!

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@ DarkMoolahs: Thanks im glad you enjoy it! @TheMinister: Thanks! That pic your talking about is part of a 2 pager its a contuation from the first pic. I posted next to eachother, but it didnt work out that way lol.

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Not bad.

Keep practicing and you can do nothing but improve.

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you should check out Kim Jung Gi... I figure from this you're going to love him

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Really good stuff.

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Thanks guys im glad everyones been really positive!

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Wow...! Those are all amazing!

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REALLY dig the style.