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here are some more of my studies of movement of the human body + some odd ball stuff I have scribbled for my own amusement [ I love learning new things about my craft and going to town practicing it in good ol fashion pencil and paper , looking for new techniques and giving them the good ol collage try , picking them apart to see how they work and how I can adapt it into my process of making comics , that`s how I spend my weeknights reading art instruction books by Andrew Loomis and Klaus Janson and taking notes ,but enough of my long winded exposition I now present my Loose Figure Work in scratchy work lines that give them form .

[also a page of Erik Larsen gesture studies of his characters to see how I could handle his line of action in composing movement on the page , so far I have gained a little more insight into why his figures are so dynamic as in terms of how he positions the camera and his use of extreme prospective at the same time of the more appealing things I love about his art . great stuff I also wanted to see if I could do did .anyways ladies and gentlemen my sketches and a doodle .