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here is my wonder woman art. i have always been a big wonder woman fan and it was a lot of fun doing this piece. i must say Bruce Timm made me a DC fan and i think the timmverse is the best version of all the DC universes. nothing beat watching all the superman, batman and justice league cartoons every Saturday morning while growing up, they are still the best super hero cartoons that have ever been made.

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I like my wonder woman with more mass.

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@kdart: @karbacca:

Well allrighty then....two opposing sides of the spectrum! :)

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she looks the business!!

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@karbacca said:

I like my wonder woman with more mass.

That is awesome!

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@kdart: Overall pretty nice. It think giving her a bit more mass would really help a lot. Anatomically, there's some issues down around the area of the knees... and maybe the length of the top/bottom parts of the legs.

@karbacca: Nice drawing, but too manly IMO. =)

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i like my wonderwoman with more cloths on .............................

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1.) The first was a revamp for my project DC REVOLT. In this instance, Wonder Woman is a magic user like Dr Fate or Dr Strange.

2.) This is a revision I did for a Convention.

3.) This look was based on the mythical priestesses of Artemis

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Great thread, awesome contributions too!

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Wow, awesome artwork here, I love Wonder Woman.

A WW vs Thor picture I did ( but cropped Thor out for this thread.)

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This is mine!