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Hello comic book lovers and animation enthusiast.

These are promotion posters based on my web comics Dunkin Skids and Kasnian Star. Catch them at www.shakwinn.wordpress.com

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Oooh, you have such a unique style! :D Liking it a lot, thanks for sharing these :)

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I've bookmarked your webpage, you have quite a bit done with these characters - that in itself is amazing. Very distinctive style for sure.

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Thanks. I appreciate the kind words. Stay tune my friends because there is more to come in the Shakverse!

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The Shakverse is back! Here are the first pages to Dunkin Skids and Kasnian Star! Enjoy. Catch them both at www.shakwinn.wordpress.com and experience unique adventures that will never die.

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Again, this is awesome! :D *heads for your site*

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@shakwinn Oh and also, there is a slight typo in your second link there, might want to change it from worpress to wordpress :)

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The Shakverse will continue to grow when I unleash a new story into the entry. Here is a sneak preview. Catch more of Dunkin Skids and Kasnian Star coming this week to www.shakwinn.wordpress.com

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Hello again my fellow comic book enthusiast's and welcome to my universe Known as the Shakverse. Today the Kasnian Star story line continues with Chapter 2: Doomsday Hath Come part one. The great city of Fesha is under attack by the war-like species known as the Jaundices. Led by the warlord Ruthenium Savage, his objective is simple. Destroy the main diplomatic power that holds sway over Fesha which is the Ranal monarchy. He has already infiltrated Wundergog Castle and captured most of the royal family including the king Cack Ranal and his queen. However, all is not lost. The kings daughter Princess Fanice has eluded capture thanks to the aid of Gullah Hazdan; a mighty warrior and captain of the Feshan elite guard. To keep her safe, he must get her to the ship's hangar located on the other side of the Castle and flee Fesha. Will he succeed? I refuse to spoil the surprise. You will have to go too www.shakwinn.wordpress.com to find out for yourselves. However, I will be a good sport and give you all a sneak peek. Live the adventure that will never die and enjoy the Shakverse!

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@shakwinn: Right, that's it. I am so following your blog now *subscribes* ^___^

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These look really cool. When my family and I were stationed Germany, there was a cartoon with similar coloring. I've always thought it made things "pop" if you will.