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Traditionally, the winners of the Artist Show-Off contests get to pick the theme of the next contest in the series as a reward. The Round Robin contests are different because the winning artist then picks someone else in the Comic Vine community to pick the theme for the next contest. Why all the roundabout? This contest is meant to promote that other Viners who don't traditionally visit the Artists Show-Off forums come and hang out with us. It also injects some fresh ideas into the contest themes.

Contest #1 - Public Domain Character ( theme by Turoksonofstone)

Voting thread Winner : JenniferMontes

Contest #2 - Marvel "New 52" ( theme by The Dark Huntress )

Voting thread Winner : karbacca

Contest #3 - Bio Mech Disney ( theme by Silkcuts )

Voting thread Winner : maxicere

Contest #4 - Anti-Hero ( theme by SteveRodgers )

Voting thread Winner: M.S. Feather

Contest #5 - Mythological Marvels ( theme by Hawkeye446)

Voting thread Winner : M.S. Feather

Contest #6 - Humorous Indie Character ( theme by Roxanne Starr)

Voting thread Winner : tonis

Contest #7 - Sidekicks Swap ( theme by IcarusFiles )

Voting thread Winner : ssejllenrad

Contest #8 - Superman + Maxima's Son ( theme by Primmaster64)

Voting thread Winner : payno

Contest #9 - Movie Poster ( theme by spiderbat87)

Voting thread Winner : maxicere

Contest #10 - Super Olympics Games ( theme by Chaos Burn)

Voting thread Winner : Blizaga101

Contest #11 - Character Lantern Corps Redesign ( theme by Gambit1024)

Voting thread Winner : PoachedPig

Contest #12 - Royal Redesign ( theme by LordRequiem)

Voting thread Winner : Rockfall

Contest #13 - Original Character ( theme by Xmen_forever)

Voting thread Winner : ARMIV2

Contest #14 - 1930s-ize current characters by Dbennett6694

Voting Thread

Contest #15 - Lantern Corps switcheroo -changing any Lantern to another Corps by payno

Voting Thread

Contest #16 - Batman vs Darth Vader by zzombie13

Voting Thread

Contest #17 -turning villains into heroes by blizaga101

Voting Thread

Contest #18 touch of Rogue (Rogue after absorbing another character's powers) by iceprince_x

Voting Thread

Contest #19 - Gender Bender by wildcats25

Voting Thread

Contest #20 - athletes with superpowers by bennyq

Voting Thread

Contest #21 - superheroes starring in movies by EdwardWoods

Voting Thread

Contest #22 Marvel character as member of Legion of Superheroes by wavemotioncannon

Voting Thread

Contest #23 - horror version of favorite character by artiomq12w

Voting Thread

Contest #24 - weakling hero/villain by majinhulk1

(no vote)

Contest #25 Superheroes doing normal things by Bumpyboo

Voting Thread

Contest #26 - Legion of Corporate Sponsored Heroes by ordinary

(no vote)

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I figherd since there was none, i'd make a winners thread.

Can you pin this?

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@Rockfall: Done! Nice thread BTW

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@Icarusflies: Thank you

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These are really great

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Thanks for initiating this thread for this contest I created.

Would a Mod be able to continue with the past winners, images, and voting threads? Some reason I am unable to upload images for that purpose.

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@Decept-O: I will try to update it soon

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I remember so many of these winners, especially MS Feather's Fantastic Four submission. I really like the idea of having the community participate to generate some enthusiasm on the Artist Forum -- so much to be shared here.

Great work from everyone!

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Updated this one finally.

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@shatterstar: Too bad it lost steam. Perhaps the Fan Fic/Crank Those Panels collaboration contest will continue with the concept.

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@decept_o said:

@shatterstar: Too bad it lost steam. Perhaps the Fan Fic/Crank Those Panels collaboration contest will continue with the concept.

Some really creative ideas thats for sure, it can always be brought back out of retirement. CTP is struggling too, hopefully that works out.

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Anyone want to see re-start this contest, we could bring it back to number one, call it ALL NEW ROUND ROBIN!!!

? I miss this contest, it was one of the most unique contests here, with every month the theme getting really intriguing and sometimes ridiculous :D