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I was asked to start the next Round Robin Contest so I inlisted the help of cbishop to come up with the theme; here is his idea:

The Legion of Corporate Sponsored Super-Heroes!

"When Earth finally made it into space, of course corporations paved the way, and they never let anyone forget it. They expanded their businesses, set up shops on other worlds, and when the United Planets wanted a superteam, the corporations footed the bill again. The costumes reflected it.

So your job is to match a Legionnaire to a company icon, and redesign the costume to reflect the icon, and/or the company colors (colors are optional). Try to make it a good match, and you're not limited to just one member of the LSH.

Any medium is fine. Please remember to tell us what company you're marrying to what Legionnaire, and if possible, give us a clip of the icon you're using, so we can compare. Thanks to Payno for inviting me. I hope this comes out at least as cool as I see it in my head, or barring that, that you all at least have fun with it. :} -cbishop"

Thanks to cbishop for the contest theme. Deadline is August 18th.

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WOW. Wow. wow. [<--echo] <crickets> lol

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Okay, when there were no responses in the first three days, including just an "interesting," "maybe," or "I'll pass," I started to wonder if I had just picked that suck of a contest. Payno said it usually takes a few days. But here we are, twelve days later, and still you guys have not risen to the challenge. I realize there are six days left, but you're making me nervous. So here's just a few examples of what I thought the combos could be. Of course, I was suggesting you redesign the costumes to incorporate the company icons and/or colors, but I don't have time to properly embarrass myself with an attempt at drawing.

LegionnaireCorp. SymbolNotes

Saturn Girl


Saturn Car Co.

Star Boy


Carl's Jr/


Invisible Kid


Image Comics

Triplicate Girl/

Duplicate Girl


Girl Scouts

(because the

symbol has

three heads)

Honestly, I thought this one would be easy for a bunch of artists. :/

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Well now we can't pick those. ;)

I like the challenge. I'll post during the last day or two.

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@ordinary: Yes! Yes you can! Please feel free! Triplicate Girl was maybe not completely obvious, and maybe the Carl's Jr/ Hardee's star wouldn't have been the first star on Starboy's chest (I can think of others that would probably look cooler) but Saturn Girl and Invisible Kid were probably really obvious. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Brainiac 5 Powered by Google

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@ordinary: Very cool! I like how you meshed the Brainiac and Google symbols. And I almost missed the "google" name across his chest! :) The colors are certainly a nice change from the usual magenta.

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@cbishop: Thanks. I also have him holding a pair of Google Glass and looking at it questionably. I thought that Brainiac 5 sponsored by Google is like the Indy 500 sponsored by Matchbox.

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@ordinary: I was kind of thinking that, but I didn't pick up on the google glasses at all. I thought you were just making an interesting characterization trait - all that brain, and his eyesight's failing. You hit upon one of my secret fears lol.

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@payno: @ordinary: Sooo...it's the 19th. That makes ordinary winner by default, right? (And can I just tell ya, I feel like the third wheel hanging with the artists. Just imagine the short fat kid, bouncing back-and-forth, going, "Gee fellas, I'm just so garsh-darned happy to be here! Thanks for having me! This is swell!" [That's not what I look like {I'm not short or a kid lol} but it was fun to imagine, wasn't it?]) Being asked to pick the theme was kind of exciting, even tho' it only drew one response. Still, there's a Google doodle on B5's chest! That's great! :)

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@cbishop: I liked the contest. Thanks. If I'd known I was going to win I would have uploaded a higher quality pic.

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@cbishop: This was a good contest idea. I would've participated in this one and others but have been caught up with my own comic projects and other art. Don't think it wasn't good, it was! It is just sometimes the Round Robin Contest gets "lost in the shuffle" so to speak.

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@decept_o: Hey, thanks much, Decept-O. Sure would've liked to have seen a legion of entries, but ordinary's Brainiac 5 cracks me up. I appreciate it a little more each time I look at it. :)

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@ordinary said:

@cbishop: I liked the contest. Thanks. If I'd known I was going to win I would have uploaded a higher quality pic.

Just in case- a reminder how the round robin works, contact another member of the vine (preferably someone thats not an artist) and ask them to come up with a subject/character/theme or something they'd like to see drawn. Hopefully this contest series keeps going, it takes a bit more work to sustain itself than the others.

Great job btw

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@shatterstar: Thanks Shatterstar. It does take a bit more interaction and participation from 'Viners. Wished I would've thought of a better way to attract more involvement from users on the site when I created it. It just gets a bit lost sometimes, and I understand why but I hope people DO see the intent of the contest is to give those who want to participate in the Artist Forum who ordinarily wouldn't be able to that opportunity. Not to mention to have fun.

@cbishop No sweat. I think Ordinary did a great job as well, really nice art and idea. Love the Google Chrome symbol.