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The Challenge for this contest was to "Draw your favourite comic book character in the pose of a famous movie poster."

This was a great idea from spiderbat87 and the artwork submitted by all the artists was very imaginative.

So now it's time to vote for your favorite...

ssejllenrad - Deadpool/Scarface

payno - Joker & Harley Quinn/Pretty Woman

Gambit1024 - Booster Gold & Blue Beetle/Step Brothers

maxicere - Carnage/Jurassic Park

IcePrince_X - Xmen/Twilight

tonis - Xmen/Gremlins

Chaos Burn - DareDevil/Devils Advocate

KEROGA - Avengers Academy/The Breakfast Club

spawndon - Xmen/Gone With The Wind

SteveRodgers - Giant Man/Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman

Voting ends March 24th.

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Oh my gosh, these were all SOOOOO good!! It was really, really tough for me to choose who to vote for, but I think I have to go with Gambit 1024.

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this was one of the funnest ideas in a long time, love them all, so so hard to pick 1


really improving in leaps and bounds man :)

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Maxicere but there all real good 

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Really tough between two of them, but I gotta give it to maxicre. So simple, yet the concept out multiple Carnages running around the park is terrifying.

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Gambit1024. This was a very very hard decision! I had to go with the one that made me immediately laugh.

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Spawndon-He just made me give a damn. One of my fave movies showing my fave X-Man with a little cameo from my fave Superman pastiche. Damn!

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Payno, movie was meh, but love his poster and I'm sure this version would be so much better.

All very good ideas, I don't think I could have come up with anything like these.

(Vic Sage is an Indiana Jones type poster?)

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Jurassic Park rocked! So must Carnage Park.


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Ant-Man's car comes off phallucy to me. No offense, I lol'd.

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So tough choosing, I'm gunna have to go with Gambit1024!

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Gambit1024 - it made me laugh the most

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maxicere - Carnage/Jurassic Park

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OK folks, the voting is now finished and the winner is....
Congratulations. It's over to him (and his person of choice) to decide the theme for the next contest. Can't wait.

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Thanks all who voted for me. Now, this is the thing:The first who send me a private message will be the choosen one for the next Round Robin's idea.

(Obviously, not someone who has been chosen in a past Round Robin.)

I don't know who choose, this resolve all.

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yay (I did the Daredevil advocate design) have fun with my idea!

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@Chaos Burn: Congrats! Just to let you know I really loved that Daredevil's Advocate poster design. Looking forward to what you come up with.

@maxicere: Congrats, and good idea!