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Poll: Round Robin 23 Voting Thread (16 votes)

SteveRodgers 0%
artiom1q2w 56%
majinhulk1 6%
Bumpyboo 38%

So the challenge this round was to create a horror version of your favorite character. Here are the entrants in order of entry (names appear above the image). Vote for your favorite, voting will go on until midnight Thursday 6/20, whoever has the most votes by then wins. Winner chooses any other person on the forums (artist or otherwise) to come up with the next round robin challenge.

SteveRodgers' Super-Zombie:

artiomq2w's Madman the Angel

majinhulk1's Dr Bruce "the cannibal" Banner:

Bumpyboo's Harley Kreuger

Happy voting

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These are all very unique and well done but, my vote goes to @bumpyboo since that's a very cool idea given how New 52 Harley is.

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@samimista: Thank you! Much appreciated sweetie *secretly hands cupcake bribe* <3

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@bumpyboo: Cupcakes? =O Don't mind if I do! 0.0 *shares em with you* Anytime. =D All of the choices are very unique but your style is more of my taste. =D

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@samimista: Aw, cheers :D I voted for majinhulk1 hehe, but they are all really cool entries for this one :)

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Alright thanks everyone for voting that voted, big congrats to @artiom1q2w on another win with 58% of the votes at the close.

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