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Thank you for all the entries for this contest.

The Finalist are:

kiss_lamia "Em Frost"

Mrfuzzynutz "Blue Devillah"

wildcats25 "Girl Gardner"

Joygirl "Black Alexa"

KEROGA "FlashPoint: AquaWoman and Wonder Man"

bennyq "Plastic Woman"

artiom1q2w "Graviton-A"


Voting Ends on January 13, 2012

Special Thanks again to Viner PEDROMALONE for the wonderful challenge and concept he suggested.

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Wildcats25. Love your inking.

you posted the old version of my pic. I updated it.

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@bennyq said:

you posted the old version of my pic. I updated it.

I edited it already bennyq...sorry for the mix-up bro.

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in first

in second

in third

Good work everyone!

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Mrfuzzynutz I like the female Blue Devil. I also like Wildcat25s Gal Gardner.

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And the Winner is.... WildCat25

Major Congratulations! And thanks for all those who joined and voted for this contest!

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thanks to everyone that voted and the participants! great job.

so if i understand the rules correctly, i have to chose a member for the next contest.

i choose... hope you can come up with something fun!